My name is Emmanuel.

Front end developer



My main coding skills are (but not limited to):

Trainings  / licence

Front End Developer

3 months being trained to the mains front end coding languages and CMS WordPress / Prestashop.

Html / Css / Javascript / jQuery …


Full-stack Developer


5 months of intensive training to the job of fullstack developer.

Training took place at online school « O’clock », 1st French remote teaching school for the web jobs. 

I learned a strong base of coding skills:

Html / Css / Javascript /jQuery / Php…

Opquast License

The licence aim at providing knowledge based on web quality in the making of web projects.

SEO, UX, Security, Performance, Coding, etc… In short, all that will provide user best experience possible, smooth and without issues. 

Works / Projects

My 1st WordPress Install

This is my first WordPress project, it has been made for a Greek cabinetmaker, Theodore LITHOXOOS, and include  multiple pages, and a blog.


This One page Website has been made for a friend of mine, Electronic music producer. I coded it fully in Html / Css with some animated icons in Css.

The graphical charter was provided by him to respect his needs and wishes.


My 1st Web page HTML/CSS


This is a front page  i coded before i had any training. This was done as an introduction to the training, aiming at evaluating our coding skills level before to start our web developer training.